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Teardrop On The Fire
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american dad, anita blake, annie lennox, annie on my mind, antitheist, atb, babe, babylon 5, bdsm, beetlejuice, bitting, black and white, blues traveler, bondage, cats, charlie brooker, chicken run, connections(tv), daft punk, dark reign, david attenborough, day the universe changed, descent freespace, desert hearts, desert of the heart, die hard, die hard 2, driving, driving miss daisy, enemy nations, enigma, everlast, evil genius, fanfic, fanfiction, farscape, femslash, fight club, finding forrester, finding nemo, forrest gump, freespace 2, futurama, gandhi, gay pride, gay rights, george carlin, get medieval, ghost in the shell, ghostbusters, gigi d'agostino, gnarls barkley, good morning veitnam, gorillaz, goth, gothic, green day, green mile, harleen quinzel/pamela isley, harley quinn/poison ivy, harley/ivy, heavy metal, hellboy, hostile waters, hunt for red october, ice age, indiana jones, ivy/harley, j/7, jackass, james burke, janeway/seven, kate bush, last starfighter, learning, legend of zelda, lewis black, look who's talking, look who's talking too, massive attack, medicine man, monsters inc, music, night, nirvana, orgy, outbreak, pet shop boys, rain, reading, red hot chili peppers, robocop, samus aran/princess zelda, samus/zelda, sci-fi, science fiction, shodan, sims 2, simtower, snow, social democracy, south park, space, space exploration, spore, star trek, star trek: tng, starcraft, stargate sg-1, startopia, stephen hawking, sub command, super metroid, susan ivanova/talia winters, susan/talia, sushi, system shock 2, talia/susan, tank girl, the abyss, the coppration, the incredibles, the offspring, the pjs, the police, the shawshank redemption, toy story, tron, u2, unbreakable, vampire: masquerade bloodlines, vampires, violin, walking with cavemen, warcraft 2, when harry met sally, winter, writing, yuri, zelda/samus